All-Natural Nutrition & Weight Loss Supplements

The Xyngular ‘way of health’ system is a unique and all-natural method for losing weight and improving your health that’s easier and faster than the alternatives. Our weight loss supplements attack the core issue that causes fat gain: the body’s metabolic process.

Our weight loss supplements accelerate your metabolism, fight back against the aging process, build lean muscle, elevate your mood, cleanse toxins, enhance your gut flora, make it easier for you to control your appetite, and more. Unlike most other weight loss supplements that you’ll find on the internet, ours are proven to work – and boost the body’s own fat-fighting mechanisms.

We offer a wide range of nutritional and weight loss supplements in various kits, which makes it easy for you to get just what you need based on your current health priorities.

Nutrition & Weight Loss Supplements

Our company offers you the opportunity to be a ‘wholesale’ member, which has many benefits. One of them being that you can enroll to have the weight loss supplements that you need on a regular schedule, delivered consistently to you, so that you won’t fall behind on your health and fitness goals. This program also gives you ‘Rewards Points’, which you can then redeem for additional free products! This makes it easy to stay on track so you can focus on living a better life.

What prevents most people from reaching their fitness goals is simply a lack of energy and motivation. What makes our nutritional and weight loss supplements different from the other ones you might find at the health food store is that our energy and mood-boosting program also works to keep you motivated and energetic as soon as you get out of bed in the morning.

Unlike other programs for weight loss, our supplements and health plans take a holistic approach to improving your health. Rather than just focusing on one aspect of health, our weight loss supplements build up a solid foundation for you to lose weight faster, more consistently, and more predictably.

Beginning Your Transformation is Easy

Starting our program of weight loss supplements is simple: you can either purchase the products at the full retail price or sign up for a wholesale membership or a distributor membership to receive the products at a steep discount along with other great benefits. Our weight loss supplements help you cut down on fat and keep it off easily and sustainably.

Three Ways to Buy Our Weight Loss Supplements

  • Customer: Purchase products at retail cost
  • Member: $14.95 one-time yearly sign up fee – receive discounted wholesale pricing, limited back office access, online product ordering, and rewards program options
  • Distributor: $49.95 one-time yearly sign up fee – receive all wholesale member benefits plus: earn commissions on enrolling other distributors, members, and customers, full back office access, exclusive business building tools, personal website

Our Way of Health — Weight Loss Supplements Kits

Nutrition & Weight Loss Supplements in Kansas

Ultimate Edge provides a selection of purpose-built supplement kits that help you to get your health on track fast.

Here are some of the introductory kits:

  • Ultimate Transformation Kit: For the person who needs to make a big change in their health, this combination kit includes all of the weight loss supplements you need to cut down on fat, build lean muscle, and improve energy in conjunction with a healthy diet plan.
  • Ignite Kit: The Ignite Kit is designed to change your habits and get you started on enjoying your new healthy life. It helps you lose weight fast with a customized blend of supplements that will help you to build lean muscle, enhance metabolism, control appetite, and more.
  • Weight Loss Kit: This custom-built kit is a complete weight loss plan designed to help you keep the fat off by controlling your appetite, cleaning out bodily toxins, and more.
  • Energy Kit: Eliminate unnecessary fatigue from your life forever! An important part of succeeding in your weight loss plans is boosting your energy level. This supplement kit will boost your mood, recovery time, and more.
  • Wellness Kit: Fight aging, cut down on your stress, and boost your mood with our complete Wellness Kit.

You can get all of these kits, individual supplements, and more at a discounted price by signing up for either a membership or a distributor plan. Or if you are not ready to commit yet, you can also purchase all of our weight loss supplements at the full retail price. Shop online or contact us today to learn more about our weight loss programs and nutritional supplements!