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We have seen it time and again – as people start using our products, they become so excited about how effective that it was for them that they want to share their weight loss success stories on social media, the web, and in person. Our members are just so excited about their transformation that they want to share it with others.

Unlike many weight loss success stories that are selected from a larger crowd of people who didn’t quite make it, the Xyngular program is designed to make it easy for anyone to enjoy weight loss success stories without side effects or repeated injuries due to over-exercise. Every one of the weight loss success stories provided below is authentic.

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Our Weight Loss Success Stories

Finally an answer-
I came to the end of my rope when every pair of pants in my closet couldn’t be worn. I had gained 40 plus pounds with equal amounts of frustration. I started with the Ultimate Transformation Kit, because I wanted every possible result I could experience.
Not only have I been able to lose the weight, I can finally strongly say that my life is back under control.
Katrina M.

Made Simple-
I love these products! I love the increased energy that it has given me! I can keep up with my three children! My appetite has decreased. I eat less at meals because I get full quicker. My cravings for sweets has also decreased and I find they don’t even appeal to me. I’ve finally lost those nagging extra twenty pounds.
Barbara M.

It pays to listen-
I heard about the Ultimate Edge 8 day challenge….lose 6-12 pounds. The products were easy to use, I ate real food, but most of all they helped me discover a new lifestyle and a new approach to my health. I lost 12 pounds and 7 inches. I now sleep better, wake up rested, and can keep up with my 6 kids.
Ray S.

Weight Loss Success Stories | Weight Loss Supplements

New Beginning-
This was life changing—what had taken me a year to lose in the past was gone in just a short 90 days because of what I learned about healthy living from Ultimate Edge. I lost weight, found great energy, and feel more confident than I have in years.
Susan L.

Life reclaimed-
For the past ten years, I’ve been extremely ill with fibromyalgia, leaky gut syndrome, fatigue and candida. I had no energy. I constantly suffered stomach distress. My joints hurt – in fact, my entire body ached all over. My body was literally disintegrating before my eyes! I lived a life of misery … and no doctor was able to help me. Then, I found out what my body really needed. Great nutrition! These remarkable products nourished me into great health. I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful it is to feel great again. PS My auto ship works for me!
Marcia J.
New Jersey

Weight Loss Supplement Success Stories
Weight Loss Success Stories: Before & After

I’ve tried them all-
Now at 50 years old, I had accepted the fact that no matter what exercise I did, I was gonna hurt (my knees specifically) and be sore…and still be overweight. But after using the Ultimate Edge products, I am exercising with more energy, recovering quicker, and my knees no longer hurt. These products have made a huge difference. The stuff works great.
Gerry O.

Cowboy’s words-
I ranch long hours with aching everything. I have a problem with my right hand going to sleep, tingling, and aching during the night. It can get so painful that I can’t sleep. My neighbor told me how lives were being changed with these products. I was desperate and needed help. I finally got a great nights sleep and when 4:00 in the afternoon came and I wasn’t aching I knew I had hope. I am grateful for this discovery.
Matt M.

Happy children-
I’ve suffered from migraines for over twenty years. I have tried everything: preventatives, accupuncture, massage and biofeedback. Some have provided minor relief over the years, but typically come with high costs and terrible side effects. This product line had neither. I wish I would have had these products years ago. It would have saved me thousands of dollars and days of suffering. My children now have a healthy mom and I have a great future.
Bobbi S.

Weight Loss Success Stories | Weight Loss Supplements

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