Weight Loss Kit: A Weight Loss Plan that Takes the Guesswork Out of Fat-Burning

Weight Loss Kit: Proven Weight Loss Plans

Have you ever struggled to lose weight? If you are like most people, the answer is probably “Yes”. The truth is losing weight can be a difficult journey. Fortunately, our weight loss plans make it simple for anyone to lose weight regardless of fitness level.

The Xyngular 30-day Weight Loss Kit gives you everything that you need to cut down on waist inches, build lean muscle, increase your metabolism, and reduce cravings for unhealthy food. Our weight loss plans make it easy for you to look and feel better than ever before.

Our Weight Loss Kit was a 2015 CPG Editor’s Choice Award Finalist for Weight Loss and a 2014 CPG Editor’s Choice Award Finalist for Top Products for Innovation and Market Impact. The reason for this is that our weight loss plans make it easy for absolutely anyone – regardless of where they are starting from — to lose weight consistently and effectively.

Weight Loss Plans & Supplements

Unlike most other weight loss plans, our 30-Day Weight Loss Kit attacks the main causes of weight gain. It gives you more energy, helps your body to boost its metabolism, reduces cravings, cleanses toxins, and more. All of this is included in easy-to-follow weight loss plans that you can keep repeating as you maintain your healthy habits.

We also provide healthy diet plans, exercise guides, sample schedules, and other tips that take all the open questions out of losing weight. Unlike many other weight loss plans that just provide one piece of the puzzle, we provide our customers a complete solution for consistent weight loss.

You can purchase the 30-Day Weight Loss Kit at the full retail price or by getting a discount as a member or distributor. You can also find out more about our weight loss programs by contacting us today!

Weight Loss Plans Made Simple

Weight Loss Plans | Weight Loss Supplements

Many weight loss plans will ask you to read a long book, go through monotonous courses, and act like your own nutritionist to assemble your own nutrition program. Many weight loss plans also expect you to know what supplements will help you reach your goals and where to go to get the best supplements.

Ultimate Edge takes all of that guess-work out of the process. Our weight loss plans are complete packages that deliver you the results that you really want – to lose weight, look better, and stay healthy.

There are no prescriptions, no need to go through complicated or injury-causing exercise routines, and no need to buy any foods that you won’t find at your neighborhood grocery store. Unlike nutritional plans that expect you to memorize a textbook, our weight loss plans provide ample detail in just a few short paragraphs, lists, and diagrams. You’ll be eating natural, whole foods in reasonable portions.

What’s in the 30-Day Weight Loss Kit

The 30-Day Weight Loss Kit includes:

  • Xyng appetite control supplements
  • Lean snack replacement powder for smoothies
  • Cheat+ calorie mitigation supplements
  • XR2 stress eating suppression supplements
  • Flush gut cleanse capsules
  • And our detailed weight loss plans

You can purchase the 30-Day Weight Loss Kit at the full retail price or by getting a discount as a member or distributor. Cutting down your waistline could be easier than you think. Have questions about our weight loss programs? Feel free to contact us online to learn more!