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Home Business Opportunity in Kansas

Whether you are a first time networker looking for a home business opportunity or a seasoned pro, there are signs along the way that point to the possibility of success in your Direct Marketing opportunity. Tony Robbins says it best when he says “Success Leaves Clues.” Just what are those clues and how can you take advantage where others miss point?

  1. You need to affiliate with a company that has a proven track record and unique products that will attract others.
  2. You need to pick an “A-Team”, one which has a proven record and people you can work with who really care about your success.
  3. Your success in Direct Selling is closely tied to training and proper coaching.

Knowing that, let’s take a look at a how Kasey Frost and her team and company are the home business opportunity of choice for anyone looking to transform their life. To learn more about this home business opportunity and our weight loss programs, contact the Kasey today!

Why Choose Ultimate Edge and Our Home Business Opportunity?

A Company You Can Trust

First of all, Kasey and her team represent a well-established company and home business opportunity that has developed a core of products that people want and consume on a regular basis. Xyngular has consistently been recognized as an innovator and leader in the health and nutrition business. In 2014, they were picked by MountainWest as one of the “100 Emerging Elite” and one of the top 15 businesses in the Utah 100. In 2015, they were named one of the fastest growing businesses in Utah’s “Fast 50” at number 33, continuing their record breaking growth. In 2016, Xyngular joined the ranks of of the Inc. 5000 List of America’s fastest growing companies. Their weight loss plans and energy drinks have been recognized by such far-ranging groups as Informa Exhibitions and Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) as finalists for their innovative awards. After 6 months on the market, Trimstix WON the CPG Editor’s Choice Award as the best weight management product of 2017! Additionally, over 80% of Xyngular members are consumers and not active business builders – people who aren’t looking for home business opportunities or to earn extra income still love and consume their products regularly.

A Team That Has Your Best Interests in Mind

Secondly, that leads us to Kasey and her A-Team that has an established track record not only within Xyngular, but the industry itself. This team has developed a loyal base of customers and a retention level that is the envy of all along the way by developing a monthly base of over $1,000,000 in sales. A home business doesn’t reach this kind of success if you aren’t taking care of your customers and showing leadership in understanding people and their needs. As a former classroom teacher and virtual classroom teacher Kasey has consistently ranked at the top of the company Elite because she really cares about the success of the people on her team representing the products and the consumers using the products.

Support to Make the Most of Your Home Business Opportunity

Kansas Home Business Opportunity

Thirdly, her training and coaching has resulted in the development of a turn-key system for recruitment that was put in place to train and retain business builders on her team. As an educator, she quickly determined the need for personal growth as a key ingredient in developing the system. On a personal level, she turned to a professional coach to help her in polishing and developing her own talents and communication skills. Leaders continue to grow by reading, listening, and developing other leaders by tailoring their system to the needs of others – that is a winning combination for any home business opportunity.

Learn More About This Home Business Opportunity

“Success leaves clues” – it really does and taking advantage of this home business opportunity could be your first step to success and a promising future in Direct Selling. The next step is up to you – Kasey and her team would love to welcome you with open arms for a bright future. Don’t delay … it’s all within your grasp if you grab that brass ring now! Contact them today about this home business opportunity selling the best weight loss programs on the market!