About Ultimate Edge: Taking Control of Life with Fat Burning Supplements

Fat Burning Supplements for Weight Loss

Ultimate Edge is a leading independent distributor in the Midwest for Xyngular health supplement and nutritional food company. Headquartered in Kansas, we focus on reaching customers in Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Illinois. However, our products and business opportunities are available on a nationwide scale. Our fat burning supplements and other nutritional kits make it easy for people to take control over their own health. Our fat burning supplements have minimal side effects, proven track records, and many credible testimonials and endorsements. Our fat burning supplements and nutritional products are naturally-sourced, easy to use, and energy enhancing.

At Ultimate Edge, our mission is to help Midwesterners, and anyone else who is looking to live healthier lifestyles, lose weight, and enjoy greater success in life.

For more about the revolutionary weight loss programs offered by Xyngular, contact us. Fat burning supplements and nutritional products are a rapidly growing market – the Midwest wants to get slim and successful again, and we’re looking for more people to help us make that happen.

About the Owner: Kasey Frost

Kasey Frost | Fat Burning Supplements Success Story

The owner and executive of Ultimate Edge, Kasey Frost, is one of many success stories owing to the revolutionary fat burning supplements from Xyngular.

Kasey is a typical Kansas cowgirl. She grew up as a 3rd generation cowgirl, and she currently resides on a farm with her husband Richard, four active children, and a menagerie of two dogs, two cats, five horses, and more chickens than she can count.

Her kids love barrel races, rodeo competitions, and helping out on the farm.

Kasey spent most of her career as an educator for both junior high and elementary students in both public schools and through online learning after earning her Master’s degree in Administration from Wichita State University and her Bachelor’s in Elementary Education from Kansas State University.

As can happen with many successful and well-educated working moms, Kasey developed a weight problem. Always the overachiever, when Kasey realized that her weight was impacting her health as well as her happiness, she started looking for solutions. After some initial success with conventional diet and exercise, she hit a plateau: she was still overweight despite all her efforts and unhappy with typical diet food.

How Kasey Broke Through Her Weight Loss Plateau with Fat Burning Supplements

Kasey shared her frustrations with typical weight loss advice when she reconnected with an old friend. This friend also happened to be involved with spreading the message about the benefits of Xyngular’s line of naturally-sourced fat burning supplements.

She was skeptical, but decided to give one of the fat burning supplement kits from Xyngular a try.

The results amazed her. In a matter of days after starting her fat burning supplements, Kasey felt better than she had in years. When her family tried the fat burning supplements also, they shared similar feelings of well-being and invigoration. Within a matter of two months, she lost 20 pounds. Over five years later, she’s lost and kept off a total of 40 pounds. She’s fitting into the same dresses that she used to wear in college – thanks to Xyngular fat burning supplements.

How Kasey Turned Her Weight Loss Success Into a Career

Fat Burning Supplements for Weight Loss

After her experience with the revolutionary fat burning supplements, Kasey knew she had to take her experience as an educator and apply it to helping other people experience similar results. That’s why she decided to join the Xyngular family of fat burning supplements distributors.

In May 2015 this new, rewarding career led to early retirement from her teaching career, as her monthly commission checks exceeded her annual teaching salary. Since then, by helping more people discover health, wealth, and happiness, she has paid off her house mortgage, began saving for retirement, started funds for her children’s colleges, traveled all over the country for free, and enjoyed a life of greater bliss and lower stress while still having enough to give charitably.

There are more chapters to be finished in this whirlwind of activity she and her family now experience. But, one of the greatest rewards has been teaching other families in Kansas and throughout the United States to believe and invest in themselves, their families, and their futures. This is the story of how one home-based business can grow and multiply, and touch literally thousands of other entrepreneurs. The best part is that she’s not finished. Kasey will continue to use her passion and dedication to make a difference in others’ lives.

To learn more about how you can transform your life as well, contact Kasey to find out more about joining the Ultimate Edge team and about how the fat burning supplements from Xyngular can both shrink your waistline and fatten your wallet at the same time!