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Whether you’re looking for fat burner supplements because you want to squeeze into a smaller wedding dress, because you’re tired of having to upgrade your pants waistline, or because you just want to start living a healthier lifestyle, we have many naturally-sourced options to choose from.

Each of the fat burner supplements that we sell attacks one of the root causes of weight gain while promoting good health. All of these fat burner supplements are natural and safe so you can enjoy better health quickly and easily.

You can buy all of these weight loss supplements at a discounted wholesale price with a wholesale or distributor membership. You can also get our fat burner supplements at further discounts by ordering them as part of a weight loss or transformation kit.

You can transform your health the natural way with our nutrition and fat burner supplements. Shop online or contact us today to learn more about our products and weight loss programs!

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Trimstix Fruit Punch is a refreshing on the go drink mix specifically designed to help control blood sugar levels. Formulated with a patented proprietary blend of all natural ingredients, Trimstix is a delicious 10-calorie drink that curbs unwanted cravings to support healthy weight loss.

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Lean Fat Burner Supplements


Lean is a next-generation protein powder that provides 10g of protein per serving with just 44 calories. This supports lean muscle growth and reduces appetite using all-natural, non-GMO ingredients. Lean is an effective component of our fat burner supplements kits.

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Lean Meal

Lean Meal is a power packed meal replacement shake designed to give you the nutritional support you need to reach and maintain your weight loss goals. With a full serving of fruits and greens, proteins, adaptogens, and probiotics. Lean Meal’s superior blend of nutrient-dense ingredients provides complete nutrition to aid in maintaining a healthy weight, building and maintaining lean muscle, and support gut health.

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Accellerate Fat Burner Supplements


These thermogenic fat burner supplements enhance your metabolism and help you to control your blood sugar level. They can also boost energy to help get you through your day and your exercise routine.

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Flush Nutrition & Fat Burner Supplements


These supplements are designed to cleanse your colon, improve your digestion, and help you not to hold on to water. They also assist in nutrient absorption to help you to maximize the effectiveness of your other fat burner supplements.

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xyng Nutrition & Fat Burner Supplements


Our Xyng fat burning supplements use an all-natural formula that energizes your body while elevating your mood. They also help suppress appetite to keep you on track.

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CheatSprinkle Fat Burner Supplements


These incredible fat burner supplements can be sprinkled on your meals. Made from the Japanese Konnyaku root, this reduces your appetite, provides fiber, and reduces weight gain.

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CheatPLus Fat Burner Supplements


Similar to the Cheat flakes but in a pill form. Cheat+ also has added green coffee bean to help balance blood sugars and phytosterols to help lower cholesterol.

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GlobalBlend-Xypstix Nutrition & Fat Burner Supplements

Global Blend & Xypstix

Rich in 22 ‘super-fruits’, this blend is full of powerful antioxidants, phyto-nutrients, polyphenols, anthrocyanins, aloe, and xanthones. It kills free radicals in your blood stream to promote healthy aging while enhancing your immune system.

Xypstix is the crystalized version of the Global Blend.

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Xr2 Fat Burner Supplements


Cut down on your stress levels with these calming fat burner supplements that promote healthy sleep and reduce cravings for nighttime snacks.

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Spryng Nutrition & Fat Burner Supplements


These fat burner supplements are a gluten-free energy drink mix that hydrates you while replenishing your energy stores. It boosts immunity, reduces your muscle recovery time, enhances your focus, and can enhance your athletic performance.

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Axion Nutrition & Fat Burner Supplements


Axion is a full spectrum, sustained release supplement that provides essential nutrition for every cell and function of your body. This power packed supplement promotes immune support, cardiovascular health, and metabolism with a blend of vitamins, minerals, whole foods, enzymes, omega fatty acids, and probiotics.

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Shine Nutrition & Fat Burner Supplements for Women


Let the ‘new you’ shine through with Shine for women. This synergistic blend levels out your female hormones to enhance fat loss. It can also enhance your libido, restore your sex drive, and give you a sense of balance – even if you suffer from PMS.

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Prime Nutrition & Fat Burner Supplements for Men


This hormone balancer for men helps your body to boost its natural levels of testosterone without any of the side effects or prescription requirements of T-gel. Prime improves sexual drive and performance, boosts muscle growth, and enhances your workout results. It also enhances prostate function while reducing bodily estrogen levels.

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