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Joining the Xyngular network with Ultimate Edge makes it easy to earn extra cash while helping other people to lose weight – safely and naturally.

Our expert guidance has helped to steer dozens of people towards the best weight loss supplements for their individual situation. When you perform a similar role to the people that you know, you earn extra cash also.

The best part of joining the Ultimate Edge team is that we are one of the only supplement companies that empowers people to bolster their wallet at the same time as they boost their health. You can earn extra cash in excess of your membership fee – and more – by just recommending these products to a friend or family member. Contact us today to learn more about our weight loss programs and how you can earn extra income by joining our team!

How These Regular People Became Business Success Stories

The following testimonials are from people like you who progressed from a difficult financial situation to real success – all while working primarily from home with Ultimate Edge.

Each of these people began with the goal to just earn extra cash each month on top of their regular jobs. They learned how to earn extra cash using the Ultimate Edge direct marketing system. Now, many are successful home-based business entrepreneurs or have retired on their residual income.

The Power of Residual Income
When I was bed ridden with my last pregnancy, I came to fully appreciate the power of network marketing and residual income. Knowing that I wasn’t able to work, should have added more stress, to an already stressful situation. But I was able to sit back and relax, take care of my unborn child, myself, and my family, knowing that as the bills were coming in, there was money was in the bank, thanks to the power of residual income.
Kim L.

Early Retirement
When our 2 income family was reduced to 1, because of an injury that my spouse sustained, our family was put in to a financial tail spin. Knowing that there weren’t any more minutes in the day, already working full-time as a dental hygienist, being a mom, and holding down the household, getting an additional job was not an option. I became a home-based business entrepreneur, knowing that I could work it in the nooks and crannies of my life. I never dreamed that my income one day would surpass the earnings of the dentist that I was working for, and would lead to early retirement.
Jayna D.

The Impossible Made Possible
My husband and I owned a small family business. Each month, we were just keeping our head above water financially. Because we chose to home school our children, I was kept from seeking a 9-5 job. A friend shared the business opportunity with me. I was reluctant, because I hadn’t done anything like network distribution before. However, when my husband and I both experienced great product results, I thought, why not? If it worked for us, it would work for others. All of a sudden I found myself working form my dining room table, still homeschooling my children. We earned enough money to pay off our home early. We then sold the flooring company. Now we are working together from home, having more fun than we ever imagined, and are blessed to share our lives in a greater way. 
Tami C.

Success Leave Clues!

Earn Extra Cash | Join Our Team for Home Business Success

“Success leaves clues” – it really does. Joining Kasey and her team could be your first step to a promising future in Direct Selling and building your success story. The next step is up to you – they would love to welcome you with open arms for a bright future. Don’t delay… it’s all within your grasp! We will help you earn extra cash – fast!

For more details about how to earn extra cash while transforming your health, contact us at Ultimate Edge to join our network of marketers today.

How You Can Lose Weight and Earn Extra Cash

Ultimate Edge and Xyngular run on a network distribution model. What that means is that we rely on organic growth – as our customers succeed in reaching their health goals, we give them the opportunity to earn extra cash by telling their friends, family, and business associates about how effective it was.

There is no limit to this opportunity to earn extra cash. The more that you grow your marketing network, the greater your ability to earn extra cash. Once this becomes large enough, you can earn extra cash through a passive income stream from your referral fees. Most people are motivated to achieve success by the opportunity to earn extra cash each month or by the autonomy they gain from running their own business rather than working for a boss.

If you are ready to earn extra cash by encouraging people to try our products and sharing your own success stories, contact us today to start making money with our weight loss programs!